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Build a Scotts Turf Builder Water Smart Lawn

Turf Builder Water Smart provides the nutrients your lawn needs to withstand stress and grow strong.


Seed For Success - Turf Builder Grass Seed absorbs and releases water for faster germination and better results.


Mow High - Set your mower at 3", or its highest setting, to help grass build deeper roots and use water better.


Use Clippings - Leave them on the lawn to recycle nutrients back into the soil.


Rely on Rain - Use Mother Nature's sprinkler as much as possible. Your lawn will begin to wilt when water is needed.


Why Water Smart? Save Water - A strong Water Smart lawn can save you water.* (*vs. an unfed lawn).


Improve Air Quality - A Water Smart lawn keeps our air cleaner and reduces pollution by trapping and filtering dirt, dust and smoke.


Cool the Environment - A Water Smart lawn cools climate temperatures and acts like an exterior air conditioner for your home.


Save Money - A Water Smart lawn can reduce your utility bills by using less water and helping to cool your home.