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Canning Tips

ACE is your place for canning supplies.

More and more people are gardening at home and taking advantage of all that the Farmer’s Market has to offer these days.  But what to do with all of this bountiful produce? Food preservation is the answer.  Whether it’s canning, freezing or drying, you can save some to enjoy later in the year.

There are essentially two ways two can food for future use and which one you use depends on the acidity of the food you wish to preserve. High acid foods such as fruits (tomatoes included) and pickles are done using a boiling water method. Low acid foods including most vegetables are done in a steam-pressure canner. 

One important thing to note is that in both cases, adjustments will need to be made to either the processing time or pounds of pressure for our high-altitude here on the Front Range. Click to see adjustments for water bath or steam pressure canners. 

In addition to either a boiling water or steam pressure canner, you will need the appropriate jars as well as lids and bands to fit them.  It is important to note that lids cannot be re-used. However, bands can be reused if they are in good condition. There are many specially designed utensils for canning and a few that you might want to consider include; jar lifter, jar funnel, bubble remover & headspace tool and a lid wand.

Planning is key. If you are a novice, read your recipes and do your homework thoroughly. Since the canning process shouldn’t be interrupted once it is started, make sure you have everything on hand from the beginning and ensure you have allotted enough time to finish what you start.  This will help ensure that you are prepared to preserve your fruits and vegetables at their peak.

We recommend the following resources to get you started:

Ball Blue Book (available at Ace)

Ball Canning Website

CSU Cooperative Extension

Ace Hardware Longmont has a full selection of canning supplies and resources for novices and experts alike.  Visit our kitchen department to see what we have to offer!