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LED Holiday Lights

You may have noticed over the past several years that traditional Christmas light strings have been replaced by LED (light emitting diode) Lights.  You may be asking yourself, “What’s the big deal?”  While energy savings is most often talked about, LED lights offer other benefits as well.

Energy Savings: Hands down- LEDs are the most energy efficient option, using only 15% of the energy of a traditional incandescent set of the same length and bulb size.  This saves money for consumers as well as reducing the impact on the environment.

Durability: LEDs last at least two times longer than incandescent bulbs.  Additionally, they’re made of plastic instead of glass, so breakage is less likely.

Safety: LEDs don’t get hot, posing less of a fire danger when used on trees and houses. 

Flexibility: Because LEDs use so much less electricity, many more strings can be strung together on a single outlet.  (Always follow manufacturer’s recommendations.)  Also, there are many more battery operated options with LEDs.

LEDs have also come a long way in recent years.  Manufacturers have developed new technology to make some bulbs look more like traditional Christmas bulbs and eliminate some of the harsh light seen on early LED sets.

We offer a wide range of LED lighting for all of your holiday decorating needs.  Click here to see how you can save on LED light sets thanks to our partners at Longmont Power and Communications.  We also offer incandescent light recycling throughout the holiday season.  Click here to learn more.